• A short introduction to monitoring, verification and enforcement

    This infographic video provides a short introduction to monitoring, verification and enforcement. It explains what it is, why it is important and what the benefits are for stakeholders.

  • How to implement monitoring, verification and enforcement

    This infographic video elaborates on the overview of monitoring, verification and enforcement provided in the introduction. It briefly describes the key steps for implementing a monitoring, verification and enforcement programme and the questions that monitoring, verification and enforcement can answer.

  • Testing of CFL and LED lamps

    The Global Efficient Lighting Centre in Beijing, China presents a brief tour of their facilities and processes for testing the energy efficiency performance of lamps.

  • UN Secretary-General on efficient lighting

    Efficient lighting can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide electricity for people without access, says UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon in his video message that opened the Global Efficient Lighting Forum in Beijing, China in November 2014.

  • UNEP Executive Director on the Global Efficient Lighting

    UNEP Executive Director, opened the Global Efficient Lighting Forum with a video in which he states, "On behalf of UNEP and its partners, I commit to moving the agenda of efficient lighting forward, even more quickly and on a greater scale"

  • UNEP en.lighten initiative

    The en.lighten video highlights the fact that a simple shift to efficient lighting would cut the global electricity used for lighting by half. The video features interviews with Achim Steiner, the Executive Director of UNEP who asserts the need for a global phase-out of inefficient lighting by the year 2016.

  • Etiosa Uyigue

    Etiosa Uyigue, National Project Coordinator of the UNDP/GEF Energy Efficiency Programme in Nigeria speaks about the lighting component of this national programme. He addresses the priorities for his country and the actions that are being taken, including the motivation behind them and the expected benefits.

  • Kofi Agyarko

    Kofi Agyarko, Head of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change at the Energy Commission in Ghana discusses the achievements made in Ghana, specifically the national benefits and motivation behind the market transformation programme.  Ghana was able to reduce peak load by 124MW by phasing out incandescent lamps, postponing the need for investment in new power plants.