Minimum Energy Performance Standards

Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) are regulatory measures specifying the minimum efficiency levels acceptable for products sold in a particular country or region. MEPS define what products can be marketed and which ones should be eliminated. MEPS are the foundation from which to ensure the success of any efficient lighting transition.

Countries should define the parameters, stringency and implementation period. Performance standards should specify the maximum permissible energy consumption limit for a given lumen output, or the minimum efficacy that a product must meet. Additional lighting quality guidelines may be stipulated, for example, rated lifetime, lumen maintenance and colour temperature .

MEPS legislation includes or refers to product labelling requirements. The en.lighten initiative can analyse MEPS to assist countries to establish their national levels and to reduce the possibility of incompatible approaches which would limit the widespread acceptance of energy efficient lamps. Countries are encouraged to review existing standards to learn from best practices.

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